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So i had a VERY NEGATIVE initial contact with this college. through just ONE conversation its apparent that this school is a for-profit. After calling the school i was transferred to them Atlanta campus...The guy answered the... Read More

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    Thanks soffehe. Do you know when that test is given, how long it is and how hard it is? Also, does anyone know how long the info sessions lasts? Ive heard different things. Ms Lanier at the college said 45 minutes but ive heard on the upper end of 3 hours. Any comment will help. Thanks!

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    Rnhopefull or anyone who has been through the information session,

    I just wanted to know if you can tell me about the information session. I'm schedule to attend the information session on March 28th. I wanted to know what to expect on the 28th. Will I be tested during the session? what to expect?
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    @ RNhopefull and to all others. I went to the information session tonight. When I arrived there I was told by Ms. Lanier that since my name was not on the list, I must wait with the other students in the lobby sitting area. I say this because you need to make sure that Ms. Lanier has your name on the list, before you arrive. After a few minutes, me and the other students were allowed to come into the information session. It was very informative; however, for the RN program, the total cost is around $40,000 for an 18 month program. To me, that is really expensive for an ADN and some other students were concerned about the price as well. Ms Lanier gave the breakdown of the program, and the Director of Financial aid was there as well to inform students to make sure that know if they have any outstanding loans or loans that are overlapping. I forgot to mention that the information session started at 630 p.m. They took some of us on the tour of the school and the nursing lab while others went to the library to take the Wonderlic test. I did not leave until 9 p.m. so please plan on staying at least 2 hours. In order for you to proceed, prospective Lpns need at least 21 to pass and ADN hopefuls need at least a 24 to pass. They also go over how many times you can take the Wonderlic test. I am happy to say that I made a 24 on the Wonderlic. The next step is you meet with Ms. Lanier and she schedules you to take the Kaplan test which is given every friday at 10 a.m. on their campus. It is 2 1/2 hours long and you need a picture ID. When you first pass the Wonderlic test, she will forward you an email with a practice/study guide in pdf. form for you to down load and to print. It is about 60 pages and I would suggest you print and study. From there, you will be scheduled for your interview. So to all the hopeful nurses who want to go to Bauder College, Good luck to you all and stay blessed!
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    How is everyone's classes going? It's been awhile since I checked in LOL.
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    hello every one i am very nervous about wonderlic test , i already attend the info sessions please help me how i prepare my self for wonderlic test and kpt.
    what to expect in test.

    thanks a advance.
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    Mrs. lanier say there is a practice test of 8 mint .i was wondering that original test and practice test kind of same or ? please help me if some one already took this test.
    what to expect in math part of kpt, and how hard is reading portion.
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    Hiboo, there really isnt practicing for the wonderlic, its a short version of an IQ test. I took it saturday and got a 22, took it again yest and got a 28. My suggestion is dont spend time on any question you dont know within 30 seconds. You have 12 minutes to answer as many questions as you can out of 50. Your score is the # you get right, unanswered or wrong answers dont penalize you. I answered all 50 and got 28 right. Good luck!
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    I have a question for anyone in the RN program who has to take all the prereqs too. I got a 28 on the wonderlic and taking the kaplan next friday. Before i persue getting in any further can anyone give me a rough estimate of how often your actually on campus. Thanks!
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    Thanks Rnhopefull,I am going tomorrow for wonderic test.hope I ll not freaking out.well good luck on kpt test. Hope every things goes well at ur end .
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    today i take wonderlic test , i made 20 .but did not retake cuz i was very nervous. may be tomorrow i will go for retake. i just wana ask retake is the same test or different from the first one. please advice me how to prepare myself. time is very short for me .
    heeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllppppppppppppppp plzzzzzzzzzzzz

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