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So i had a VERY NEGATIVE initial contact with this college. through just ONE conversation its apparent that this school is a for-profit. After calling the school i was transferred to them Atlanta... Read More

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    Does any one know the Nclx result of lpn ?
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    i did check your spam if not will resend again.
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    Please how many ppl graduated from the first cohort? Heard many dropped out at the end
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    Is there any way you can send me the practice questions also? I'm super nervous about this test!!
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    Quote from hibasajid
    Does any one know the Nclx result of lpn ?
    They passed the NCLEX with 100% woohoo that program now has its full accreditation! Now we just have to see how the RN program does!

    Also as far as I know the classes are always about half their original size by graduation. I know my class is about 40-something total students and between two semesters we have lost about 8 students.
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    would need your email please send me your email for the test.
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    Not too bad... I'm still waiting on the first rn class before i start.. accreditation is very important.
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    Hello there. I have a couple of questions about bauder college. Is it possible for you to email me when you have a chance. Thank you.
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    Hello. I have some questions. Can you please email me at garicaoliver when you have time.
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    I am hoping to start the LPN Program in February 2013. So far I have had Four encounters with Bauder College. First encounter
    Saturday, November 3,2012 @1015 for the informational session, missed by 1 point, retook the test(second encounter) Tuesday, November 6,2012 passed!!!! Third encounter Kaplan Test Friday, November 16, 2012 @ 10:30am, got a same day phone call(passed). Fourth encounter Admission Rep interview Wednesday, November 28,2012 @ 10:15am(today) went great!!!

    Next steps: December 4,2012 @ 11am interview with Director of Nursing and see financial aid.
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    Please keep posting about RN nclx result.I m so anxious to know about them .
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    Oh yes, I am very interested in the RN program also. I am a bit apprehensive because of the accreditations they lack. They have there "initial" accreditation from GA BON. As far as NLNAC goes, they don't have that nor have they started because I called then directly to ask, and I also checked the official website. I will feel more comfortable going to the program once they have at least FULL accredidation from GA BON, and NLNAC. How soon before we know the pass rate? How long do they have to take the NCLEX after they graduate. If anyone could offer any additional info, I would appreciate it!!!
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    Please please do research before posting on these threads. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a school apply for NLNAC accreditation until they have had a Graduating class. If the first class passes with about 90% then we will be able to start applying. Even after that, it will still take two years of passing scores before we can be approved. As far as the BON goes, we will have two years to earn our accreditation status, which takes an 80% passing rate. Not calling anyone out, just trying to make sure the school is misrepresented.

    As someone in the program I did a ton of research. First of all the school is regionally accredited so under Georgia education laws, all of our credits would transfer, so any prerequisites will transfer. Second at any school once your nursing classes start, they won't transfer any other program.

    Third, every student from our program has a job offer if they pass, which remains to be seen. Positive news is the LPN just for full BON accreditation with a 100% pass rate.

    Lastly, I have checked of four state schools that will all accept Bauder as your rn-BSN bridge assuming you pass.

    This school is a good school. It's a new program, but growing. If this class passes, the will be even more competition for this program.

    Thank you for reading, I hope this have a little big of insight. Please don't be upset for me defending my school so vehemently but I am so very proud to be going there and I see everyday how hard the students and the faculty work. I hope this can be understood.7