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So i had a VERY NEGATIVE initial contact with this college. through just ONE conversation its apparent that this school is a for-profit. After calling the school i was transferred to them Atlanta... Read More

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    Is everyone excited about orientation on Monday? I am very excited curioua about my class schedule!

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    Quote from PetiteRN2013
    Does anyone know if at bauder pre-calc can transfer in, in place of college algebra? Thanks guys.
    Now i'm concerned bc i still don't see it transferred in and i've been calling the school leaving messages and noone has bothered to call me back. and then i received a college algebra textbook in the mail today from bauder .....i was told it would transfer in so why did they order me a book on the 24th? i hope this gets situated bc i don't feel i should take algebra when i already took pre-calc and aced the math portion of the ktp.
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    Well the good news is that its just College Algebra, not rocket science class, so if we do have to take it, it's going to be a cakewalk & just one necessary evil toward becoming an RN more quickly than most other programs out there. BUT, I would still check on it. I did not recieve a college algebra book, so I have a feeling that bauder does not yet have the kinks worked out with everything yet.
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    True but its unnecessary money that could be saved and he told me they woould transfer. Maybe they r running slow with everything. Monday we'll find out
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    Petite, Hopeful ....same here. My schedule on quad has changed. I've emailed AND called several times, no one has responded. I was told certain classes wld transfer, still no update. Quad changed from 22 to 24 classes needed, two classes are listed twice.
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    Yeah, we will hope for the best, I'm not gonna stress over it especially because cllasses can still be changed til drop date
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    What is the drop date?
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    viewed my class sched on kapquad so far I have 4 classes, I was told I would have 4*Has anyone else received their class schedule?
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    I have, and I believe Deah, Hopefulnurse2011, and LuckyRN2b have all looked at their schedule on the quad too :-)
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    Anybody else find it odd that, taking an I.D. picture, taking a tour, and meeting with the nursing staff is going to take over 5 hours on Monday!?

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