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So I had a VERY NEGATIVE initial contact with this college. Through just ONE conversation it's apparent that this school is a for-profit. After calling the school I was transferred to their Atlanta... Read More

  1. by   hibasajid
    Hello every one I took ktp test last Friday , I got 16 in math so I have to take it again. Now I m very nervous ,please help me what to do and expect in 2nd time. I m not bad in math but I m scared cuz it is my last chance to get in RN program.please my friends help me how to prepare ?and is there any one who took the math 2nd time. Was it hard than first time. Plz plz Help......PLZ
  2. by   HopefulNurse2011
    Hi everyone! I am from the feb2012 group and we are finishing term3 which is nursing fundamentals and pharmocology. to answer many of your questions our fir)st graduating class which is the (july2011 class) will be graduating in november so after completing the nclex with i believe 80% or better we will get our full accreditation and they are pursuing the nlnac as well. @hibasajid i don't know what to tell you to prepare bc i didn't do anything to prepare (was unaware) but i wish you luck, take your time and try to relax, sometimes our nerves get the best of us.

    If anyone have any specific questions about our program feel free to ask me, i was once in your shoes and wanted to know any and everything i could find out about the program.
  3. by   HopefulNurse2011
    oh another thing that will help with the application process is to have EVERYTHING they require like the transcripts, insurance, background check, drug test etc. this will show that you are serious about the program and doing your part in what needs to be done.
  4. by   hibasajid
    @hopefully nurse,thanks for advice. After taking ktp exam ,what is digital learning readiness test .people say it is easy but what is this test about.Thanks in advance .
  5. by   HopefulNurse2011
    No prob. I think its to assess your ability to use computer because we have a lot of testing online and I think one or two classes are online as well.
  6. by   hibasajid
    Thanks again nurse2011.
  7. by   angelgh
    I took your word and just passed my entrance exams lol am so happy starting soon. i will also transfer 28 credits so how much would my tuition be?
  8. by   HopefulNurse2011
    Great job! When will you be starting? I think its around 370/ credit so maaybe around 10k
  9. by   angelgh
    No they dont but wonderlic is very easy hit me up will give you my practice questions which helped me passed.
  10. by   junitajj
    @HopefullNurse2011 I am starting the RN program in Sept. I will start with the 2nd term classes because I have all of the pre-req completed. I will just be taking the nursing classes. My questions to you are....What classes did you take during your 2nd term? It seems as if the class lineup is different for each starting group. What happens during orientation? I was told it will take 8hrs OMG! and last overall how is the program. If you are not comfortable replying on this site feel free to email me at I would really appreciate your help. I don't know anyone in the program, I just would like a little insight on what to expect. Thanks in advance!
  11. by   apozepam
    Hi Junitajj,

    Earlier today I found out that we'll be taking Pathophysiology during Quarter 2. I believe they're revising the course sequencing as needed, which is why the courses seem to change between each cohort. Just a heads-up: I'm registered and my schedule was updated under "Current Courses" within the Student Portal. Try logging in this week and see if you can see yours as well. Hope this helps to get an idea of what we'll be taking this quarter! Take care!
  12. by   hibasajid
    Hello every one , I have my interview this Friday ,well I m not scrared of interview but I m worried about DLRA , I never took any computer class, but I know how to use this machine .plz friends help me what to expect from this test? Like test is about how to save a file etc. Just give me example of sample questions.plz . I do bad on those exams which I don't know what to expect. reply ASAP....
  13. by   junitajj
    Hi Apozempam
    Thanks for responding. Are you going to orientation? I have so many questions I would like to get answered. I like to be as prepared as possible.