Anyone applying for Georgia Highlands for January Admission?

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    I am applying for Ga Highlands in September for January admission for the second time, (the first time I applied there was a transfer in question from Chattahoochee Tech) now that has all been resolved, any advice, anyone else out there applying etc?
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    I'm confused what you mean about "that has all been resolved"...I am a transfer from Chatt Tech and got accepted for GHC's fall program without any issues...but since I was in a similar situation, I'm happy to answer any questions you have and help you however possible! Good luck to you!
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    Oh i'm sorry, let me go into more detail. I applied for the program last september for spring admission, but they didn't accept my history class from chattahoochee, however after all of the merger information was final i saw that they now accepted all histories form chatt. When i called the office they said it was to late to fix that error on my transcript and that they had already selected the class. so i planned on applying to a different school in january but somehow i've found myself looking back at the september application for spring '11.
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    Ohh gotcha! Yeah I only needed to take sciences at Chatt bc I had all my other gen ed requirements at KSU YEARS ago. Well I definitely think you should apply again. And why not apply at other schools too? It never hurts!
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    Good luck! I just graduated from their RN program. There are some amazing instructors at their facility. ~Skelly
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    Thanks letsgomets31 I plan on applying to west central tech and maybe west ga as I will have their BSN pre-reqs by the end of the year. I'm just a little nervous about ny grades I have all b's in my sciences with two second attempts. And I'm around a 3.1 GPA overall and I don't know how much if the grades horror stories are true. So I'm praying hard that I get in somewhere. Highlands is my school of choice though so that's the one I really want!

    congrats and thanks! were you admitted in fall or spring I was wondering how intense the summer will be!
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    Summer is NON STOP... full on class and clinical, no breaks. Tests are back to back. Get your sleep NOW.
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    Good the whole time I've been in college I never taken a summer off from school! I like going straight through. I'm really looking forward to it! How many days do you normally go during summer? Is it every day?