On the Alternates list at Augusta State University with a 3.00 GPA :/ - page 2

Hello everyone! I applied to Augusta State University for their Fall 2012 nursing program. The first week of April I received a letter stating that I was selected as an alternate. I am done with all of my core classes. I spoke... Read More

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    I didn't really understand how to read the score. It said I did exceptional though (I think) lol

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    Hello! Have you heard anything yet?
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    Hey I"m sorry for the late reply but the site was TOTALLY not cooperating with me lol! I forgot my password and I had them resend a new password, but every time I tried to log in with the new password it just wouldn't work. So as you see, I'm here under a different username. But FINALLY I've heard back from them and I was excited when I received by packet today saying I'd been ACCEPTED!!! I am sooooooooo happy...this is nothing but God's blessings and the faith that my family and boyfriend had for me even when I didn't believe in myself. But enough of me lol have you heard anything as of yet?
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    CONGRATS!! I am so happy for you! Did they call you first and then send you the packet or did they just send the packet. I am super excited now lol...again congrats
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    Also, what is in the packet. When is the deadline for uniforms and stuff...any information will be helpful. What time did they call you (if they called)?
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    Can you inbox me your number? Thanks!

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