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What will you be doing? I'll be reading as much fiction as I can (Hello library!). I'm going to Disney World with my boyfriend and son. I also might consider picking up a few more hours at work. I plan on doubling the amount of... Read More

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    Quote from zoe92
    Thanks to hurricane Sandy, my semester got extended by a week :/ So my last final is Dec 17 (talk about harsh). But for break, I will be sleeping, visiting my Air force S/O who is stationed 2 hours away, & reading all the fiction books I asked for Christmas. And spending time with my fam. I live with my parents & grandma, yet feel like I never get time with them during the semester. Ahh can't wait to stop studying.
    It's popular here for schools to add Saturday classes. Isaac made us miss 4 days of school, so they took away our 2-day fall break and added two Saturdays. Sounds terrible, but hardly any instructors want to come on Sat, so most opt out and just assign some "homework."

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    Going to the beach, reading tons of trashy novels, painting my fingernails, napping...
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    Being able to wear nailpolish again. Naps. Clean. I'm hoping while I am cleaning I will be able to find my kitchen counters and the floor in my daughters room. Havent seen them since August.
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    Oh, and applying for scholarships. The fun never ends!
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    Quote from Guinevere39
    Oh, and applying for scholarships. The fun never ends!
    Ahh! Me too! Can't get them unless you try.
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    Funny because I can't seem to find anything to do besides sleep. My children are still in school until it lets out for Christmas break and my fiance works. So I've been sleeping since we let out last week. Im so used to studying I don't know what to do with my free time lol!
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    Quote from bear14
    Being able to wear nailpolish again.
    Ah. Its the little things! I hope to do a total detail on my house so that when I go back in January, my hub and kids will feel compelled to help me maintain it. I can dream.
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    Working, hanging out with the boyfriend, and learning something fun and purposeless for a change (I'm thinking something musical). Ooh, and attempting to develop an exercise routine, and NOT eating fast food as much. Saving the world, perhaps. The usual.
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    I will spend time with my family! Sleep for 8 hours (finally) and prepare for my last semester, like organizing my reading schedule, make a med list and finish my volunteer hours!

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