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I'm in my 3rd semester of a 4 semester ADN program. I feel like we have MORE hw this semester than ever before. Mind you, the answers to the homework are in the back of the workbook, so this just... Read More

  1. by   LaceyRN12
    I've been asking the same question... ever since I was in 1st grade.
    No lie. I have back pain to this day because of the heavy backpacks full of textbooks and useless homework I had to drag with me everywhere.
  2. by   WantAccel.BSN
    I agree with you by and large, but seems very difficult to "demand" enough from a nursing school. Nursing instructors don't like it when you question their methodologies. It's sad though, really. I wish there was more that could be done about this problem.
  3. by   WantAccel.BSN
    Quote from Streamline2010
    imo, the EMPLOYERS aren't demanding enough of the nursing schools. If the students complain or petition or otherwise ask for change, RN schools just tell them to stop whining, take personal responsibility for their own success or failure, and sit down and shut up. Student and parent complaints are dismissed or shouted down with "If you don't like it, go someplace else." What it will take to change things is the employers come storming in and demand that the schools turn out (forgive me for calling y'all this) "a product that we can use." I know, people are not products, and I don't feel that nurses are things or products. But the schools are in the business of turning out potential employees, and sooner or later this nonsense of making the employer finish the training that the students really should have gotten in school is going to have to stop. If one year of experience is what you need to be a useful nurse, it seems to me that one year of experience really ought to be in the RN curriculum, and maybe a little less making of flash cards and drawing of 5-color care maps.
    I couldn't agree more! This is spot on!
  4. by   Overwhelmed1026
    Quote from CloudySue
    As in all educational settings, nowadays it's all about teaching to the standardized test.
    EXACTLY! The are just trying to cram into our heads what we need to pass NCLEX, so maybe NCLEX should be updated to include questions as to different IV gauges for different purposes and such! Then maybe we would be learning useful information. I do have to say that I got through my Med-Surg finals and start Mental Health next week and I AM TERRIFIED!
  5. by   Overwhelmed1026
    Quote from MatthewSN
    I'm in an ADN program- it's the 300 level nursing class. The main focus is peds and OB with a sprinkling of Med-Surg. I've always been told med surg makes or breaks nursing students however most of my class loved last semester (all med surg) and did very well including myself. This semester sucks- tons more paperwork, idiotic concept maps, reflection papers and basically just busy work. I actually don't mind writing linear care plans however OB had been a challenge, I feel like most of the nursing diagnoses are hard to apply. It feels like OB nurses follow a more medical model vs the nursing model and that's cool and I'm pretty good with both but trying to write a nursing care plan that is halfway decent blows. The tests this semester have been a lot more brutal as well- ive scraped by with a B however i know a lot of people that consistently get A's that have failed these tests. The questions are very poorly written questions, a lot of them you read 5 times and still have no clue what it's asking. So I totally sympathize with useless paperwork and the all around increasing brutality.

    How funny! I actually loved the OB! HATE Peds! But the OB has more psychosocial, fluffy crap that I'm REALLY good at