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I'm in my 3rd semester of a 4 semester ADN program. I feel like we have MORE hw this semester than ever before. Mind you, the answers to the homework are in the back of the workbook, so this just... Read More

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    Quote from MatthewSN
    I'm in an ADN program- it's the 300 level nursing class. The main focus is peds and OB with a sprinkling of Med-Surg. I've always been told med surg makes or breaks nursing students however most of my class loved last semester (all med surg) and did very well including myself. This semester sucks- tons more paperwork, idiotic concept maps, reflection papers and basically just busy work. I actually don't mind writing linear care plans however OB had been a challenge, I feel like most of the nursing diagnoses are hard to apply. It feels like OB nurses follow a more medical model vs the nursing model and that's cool and I'm pretty good with both but trying to write a nursing care plan that is halfway decent blows. The tests this semester have been a lot more brutal as well- ive scraped by with a B however i know a lot of people that consistently get A's that have failed these tests. The questions are very poorly written questions, a lot of them you read 5 times and still have no clue what it's asking. So I totally sympathize with useless paperwork and the all around increasing brutality.

    How funny! I actually loved the OB! HATE Peds! But the OB has more psychosocial, fluffy crap that I'm REALLY good at

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