Why did you choose your nursing school? - page 2

I know that it's a good idea to look into NCLEX pass rates to see how well a nursing program prepares their students, but what other factors influenced you in choosing the school that you decided to... Read More

  1. by   springchick1
    I picked my nursing school based on a few things:

    1. It has a great reputation and a high board pass rate.
    2. It is a great location. 5 miles from my hast and all the clinical locations are within 15 miles.
    3. It is a part time program. We have classes in the evening and clinically are in the evening or on the weekends. It is 2 semesters longer than the traditional 5 but it is what works for me. This way, I can keep my job in the operating room that I love while furthering my career.
  2. by   rubato
    I think it's completely fair and realistic to want to enjoy the college experience. If school is all you are committed to, you should have time for some extracurricular, campus activities, no problem. I also understanding wanting to go away from home, get out on your own a little and try new things. In nursing school, you just have to make sure that you put school above all those things and only enjoy them when there's time.
  3. by   Everline
    The school I picked fit me for a variety of reasons including, cost, location, academic requirements and program specifics. There were other programs that fit in some or most of those criteria, but the one I chose had the most going for it as far what I needed.