When (what semester of NS)do clinicals start?

  1. I was recently notified that I have been accepted into the program for the Fall (yeah!) and I go to an orientation meeting in a couple of weeks but I am really curious when clinicals actually start. I will have Intro to Pharm and Foundations in the first semester. I have read on here of people doing clinicals in Foundations and so does this mean that clinicals start in your very first semester?

    Thanks for any info!!

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  3. by   Hoping4RNin2010
    I searched the other day for this and couldn't find anything and now I see an entire thread on page 2 on the same basic question and so please disregard this!

  4. by   bluangel215
    It depends on the school. We started clinicals the first semester. The semester started in August and we began clinicals in October. Our classes were Foundations, Pathophysiology, and Assessment
  5. by   dtrmnd2sccd
    hi Kim,

    I think it depends on the program. I'm starting in Jan '09 (accelerated 2nd BSN). We only have a 1 credit clinical lab the first semester (to teach us basic skills--we practice on each other, I think). Then during summer semester, we get launched into clinical (3 days/week!!). Does your program have a curriculum plan on their web site? It should tell you which semester you start. Good luck!!
  6. by   Hoping4RNin2010
    My bad, it does say in the description of Foundations "learning experience occurs in a variety of college and community settings" and so I guess they start clinicals in the first semester.

    I have read the description before and never never saw that before, wonder if they changed it.
    Although I usually access it from the schedule side of it and this time I did from the catalog section and so maybe the descriptions are a little different.

    Thank you so much for your help!!
  7. by   xt1
    Clinicals started the first quarter I was in nursing school.