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Hi, I am trying to get an idea of how much time will actually be spent at school. I know the class schedule at my future school but not the lab time. Please share your weekly school schedule. Thanks in advance.... Read More

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    My nursing classes only would be:
    Monday- Clinical 2-10pm
    Tuesday- Pharm. 9:25-10:15am, Chapel 10:45-11:35, Foundations 11:45-1:00
    Thursday- Pharm. 9:25-10:15am, Chapel 10:45-11:35, Foundations 11:45-1:00pm, Found. Lab 1:30-4:20

    But I also have Physiology lecture and lab (MWF 11-11:50 & Tuesday 2-5) and two online classes which are required for the bachelors degree.

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    You all have no idea how much I appreciate this information. I think I'm leaning towards attending the program part time. I wish you all well in your programs!
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    Block 2 guy here so this is my schedule.

    Tuesday - 0900-1100 Lecture - Nursing Transitions III
    1200-1500 Lecture - Pharmacology
    Wednesday- 1100-2100 Clinical
    Thursday 0900-1500 Skills Lab
    Friday 0900-1100 Lecture Nursing Transitions III

    Plus we need to log at least 2 hours for each new skill we learn in the skills lab outside of Thursday. I work part time (22 hours a week) so trying to fit in working, school and studying can be hard. Hope this helps.

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