What to do for capstone/leadership course last semester of nursing school?

  1. So the time is almost hear for me to select options for where & what I want to do my capstone practicum & leadership course in my last semester (starting in August). I know that I want to work in the ED after graduation as I had my internship there last summer and absolutely LOVED it! However, I interviewed for a nursing assistant position there during my internship & they didn't hire me (they said because I would be graduating as an RN too soon). I currently work in the PACU as a nursing assistant-btw all these positions are in the hospital we do clinicals at & I want to stay there after graduation. Here's my dilemma: do I do my last semester in the ED where I had my internship & want to work, or do I try for a different small, rural hospital in med/surg so that I will get opportunities to have nursing experience in all areas, including the ED?
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  3. by   llg
    If you really want the ED ... then go for the ED. That's your best bet on getting a new grad job there. The ED experience probably wouldn't hurt you if you get a job in med/surg if you decide (or are forced) to go that route, too.

    Not taking the ED capstone may ruin your chances of getting a job there after graduation. To me, it seems like a "no brainer" of a choice. You have little to gain and lots to lose if you go med/surg. You have lots to gain and little to lose if you go ED.