Week 4 of clinicals and loving it!

  1. Today was the 4th week of clinicals and I'm really surprised at how much I enjoy it. Especially because we are in long-term care and since I never had much experience with older adults, I thought I would hate it. But I found out I really love working with this population. The resident I had for the past couple of days actually cried when I had to leave, which then had me all teary-eyed at post-conference. I suppose that is why you get so many experiences in clinicals. Keep an open mind, you'll be amazed at what your strengths are. Next week is our last week in long-term care and then we are off to med-surg. I'm really going to miss the residents, but looking forward to what new adventures await in med-surg.
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  3. by   jamieekins
    That is great! I was so encouraged to read your post. I can only hope my experiences are as great as yours. I feel the same way as you did going into the long-term care facility..I don't think I will like it at all. But you have the right attitude about it- stay open minded. I realize I need to be like a sponge and just absorb everything in every situation. Good luck in med-surg! I am sure you will do great!