Waitlisted at NIU!!! What should i do?

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    I just got my letter from NIU and i got waitlisted for spring semester!! Not sure if my name will even get to the top of the list for acceptance plus i cant wait till spring to start at NIU because its a 2-1/2 year program and it will be 2016 when i graduate! I dont know what to do. I made the mistake of not applying anywhere else because i really thought i had a good chance here. Now i am looking into Olivet Nazarene, and Resurrection university for their 16 month programs for spring admissions and that would end a year earlier than NIU. Problem is NIU does not require the full one year of Anatomy n Physiology so i took the one semester combined course. All other universities require the one year in depth course so i will be doing that this summer. What can i do to increase my chances of being accepted? Are there any other schools than the ones i mentioned that i should be looking at in Chicagoland for BSN nursing? I really want to do nursing but if i dont get into nursing school what other plan B career choice can i have to fall back on? I am close to 40 and dont want to waste more time and i really need help in making this decision!!! Please help!
    Thanks in advance :-)

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    Hi gonnabeB37nursedoc,
    May I ask what your overall gpa and pre req gpa? I want to know my chances of getting admitted or wait listed

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