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Ursuline College

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    So recently I've been really getting slammed with news from a local community college that I was going to attend for their nursing program (they basically told me there is a two year wait list ) and I'm going to be doing STNA (Nurse Aide) training this Spring. I've been going to school for two years already and waiting 2 more years just to go back and do 2 MORE years for my ADN seems absolutely stupid to me. However, I really want to get my BSN and so I was looking at Ursuline college. I have a pretty good GPA (3.303) and hopefully it will go up a little after I finish my Soc class (I'm making an A) . But I wanted to know if anyone knows if Ursuline has a wait list? Or if I'm totally out of luck trying to get into a private school like that? I'm really anxious to become an RN and feel like I'm stuck at a dead end . I've contacted an adviser but am playing the waiting game until they can respond!

    Thanks for any help in advance...
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    Hi Pyrai,

    I encourage you to apply and to call an advisor again until they finally respond. Ursuline has a great nursing program! I am currently a sophomore at Ursuline. Ursuline allows students to be directly admitted into their nursing program and does not have a waiting list. Although the school does not have a waiting list, I believe that there is more than enough room for incoming students. The professors are wonderful! They are always willing to help their students and really want us to succeed.

    I hope you find my reply helpful!
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    how many credits do you have?. what pre reqs have you taken?