Transportation woes for nursing students - page 3

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Granted some college students can afford a car but not all can. For those who do not have a car, how do you cope with transportation? What's going to be the first thing you purchase after graduation/job? Click... Read More

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    Props to everyone who bikes to school! I can't imagine biking to school with my backpack, It's huge and heavy, and almost never the only bag I have to carry. I seriously considered the long bike ride to school until my first day of classes, when I realized it was better for my back to not even try.
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    hmmm... first paying off some debt... then stocking the fridge and pantry and i hope I never ever see another package of ramen noodles...
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    I can't even ride a bike and trust me I've tried.
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    Hello all. You can take the bus--and read. Nursing does require a lot of studying to get through the program. However, if clinicals are involved at 6 am you will need a car to move around. So you may want to make sure you are prepared because some areas don't have bus service when you need it where you need it.
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    Once i graduate && have a job, i will buy a house <3
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    My student loans are mostly for gas and groceries. $125 a week in gas to go my 60+miles day. I manage to feed our fam of 4 w 100 per week including diapers. I'd take pub trnsprt but live in a rural mountain area and that's not an option. I photocopy, use library, and used/previos version books. Transport costs more than my tuition and books!