The end of Nursing II...praying I make it through!

  1. In January I was sucked into Nursing II...we have been taught an awesome array of skills from managing IV's, hanging fluids, IVPB, giving IVpush meds, injections, inserting foley's, NG tubes, taking care of CVAD's, dressing changes, cast care, traction etc.. We were invited to observe in the OR (I got to stand behind the surgeon and observe his every move before being handed a huge tumor or diseased gallbladder to play with), cancer treatment, wound care, endoscopy, PACU. We were graciously invited to a med-surge floor and the PCU to "play nurse" with real patients. In lecture we learned more of the workings of the incredible human body from immune response to the endocrine system, GI, GU, cardiovascular etc...we were taught the pathophysiology of of HIV, hypertension, thyroid disorders, seizure disorders, blood disorders and myriad of other information that we will continue to use in this endless world of learning that is "nursing". In the four months that this mountain of information, that I am expected to not only understand and retain, but apply to real life, is piled on us, life does not pause. The kids, the hubby, the dogs, cats, bills, laundry, dishes, work and the everyday up's and down's that life throws at us are still there. I am grateful beyond words that I have been given the opportunity to be in this program, but somehow during the semester I become horrible at managing time and completely overwhelmed. Now here we are, spit out of this whirlwind with a week left in the semester and a mountain of work to complete. Once a straight A student, my average is 82%, 80% is passing, and I'm praying I make it through. I am so discouraged with myself that I allowed it to come down to the wire like this.
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