Thank You Allnurses!

  1. You've helped me through my first semester! I know some of you who've helped me with skills, care plans, venting, and different aspects of nursing. Thanks to those who helped by directly answering me and thank you for those who indirectly helped by sharing so much insight and knowledge on other threads. Sometimes I don't respond specifically to everyone who answers but rest assured I either employ your advice or preserve it for later use. People on here are very helpful and I wanted to show my appreciation!

    To update those who frequent my questions... You know who you are!!!

    I am beginning Med Surg 1 and Pharmacology with my 2nd clinical this semester.

    I begin classes next week and yes... I already have questions lined up... which I'll ask on another thread for the sake of organization.

    I'm mostly scared because one of the main MS professors kept saying... something jokingly to the affect of us praying hard to Jesus
    because between the clinical, MS, and pharm we will need all blessings we may receive...

    I'll conclude here... I tend to easily go off on tangents online.

    One again... THANK YOU(=

    Everyone have a happy happy new year.
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