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I was reading in the General Discussion BB, where one of the regulars asked everyone to tell us a little bit about themselves. It is a great idea! We are mostly students in here, and we need to get a little background on each... Read More

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    I am a 23 year old Junior Nursing student at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing - Mercer University, who is graduating in December 2008. I went to the University of Georgia for my first three years of undergrad (will always be a Bulldog). I transferred to Georgia Baptist in Fall 06. I am a Piedmont Hospital Scholar, which means I will plan to spend my first two years as a Registered Nurse at Piedmont Hospital (hopefully in the ICU). I eventually would be CCRN, get my Masters or PhD in behavior sciences or psychology, and ultimately teach at my Alma Mater (Georgia Baptist).

    My interests are cardiac, neuro, and psych.

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