Summer Externship, Goals and Methods to achieve them

  1. Hi! I am applying for an externship this summer and would like a little advice on listing my goals and methods to achieve them during the summer extern program. This is what I have for goals:

    1. Building a foundation into becoming a professional nurse
    2. Gaining basic and critical thinking skills as well as confidence
    3. Building interpersonal and team skills

    As far as methods to achieve these goals the only thing I can come up with is "through observation an demonstration" but I would like them to all be a little different. Any help with this would be VERY appreciated!!!
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  3. by   KatieJ91
    Hi! I have had the privilege of being a Nurse Extern during my entire nursing school. It will be a tremendous confidence booster for you! Here are just a few ideas for methods:
    - Be open to constructive criticism. If your skill doesn't go as smoothly as you would like be open to asking the RN when you get out of the room ask the nurse for some constructive methods to fix the problem!
    - Make yourself available and approachable. (RNs won't ask you to help me if you don't!)
    - Be open to any skill or task that may be asked of you. For example, if your asked to patient sit do it with a smile. The nurses will appreciate you doing the "not so fun" work. The more bed baths you do the more IV starts you will get to do!
    - Just answering call lights and doing VS will help you build confidence. Anytime you walk in a patient's room you will become a little more comfortable. I'm trying to think of a specific method for that to list under the confidence area...

    Anyways, these are just some things that came to my mind. If you reply and want more help we can bounce some more ideas around!