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Here is one for all your nursing students, but I am sure all nurses can remember those days too! "So far you've spent $12,837 on coffee. I'll be happy when you're done studying for the NCLEX." ... Read More

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    IV caffeine seems to do the trick

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    hi so i am studying to take the nclex i graduated in may. so its been a while and im nervous. i was wondering if anyone had some tips and i was wondering about taking a review class in san antonio... any advice???
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    tayloru -

    hurst is great for reviewing content. you should pose your question in the nclex will probably get more respoonses to your question there. all the best to you.
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    "if you change it to every single type of loose tea and teabag known to mankind, you'd have had me.
    i took what were just referred to as state boards waay back then, and were two days long, in a huge drafty auditorium. i was assigned a seat in the highest tier and during the last segment, i was dangling my loafer on the end of my foot and suddenly... it was bouncing its way down to the bottom! bump! bump! clunk!"

    i thought this kind of thing only happened to me! is there a "clothing malfunctions" thread?
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    thanks for the advice. what is hurst? website?
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    LOL good thing i dont drink coffee
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    Haha is coffee the trick for most people? I've thought sleep was good enough but maybe I haven't had to work that hard Either way funny cartoon!
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    Protein shakes saved me in clinicals!
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    If I am up studying and get drowsy, which a lot of us study till we are past that point I think, I make a fruit smoothie. The noise, cold, and sugar wakes me up.
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    I love coffee but DANG!

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