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I am a high school senior and on my way to becoming a nurse. I want to get my BSN but I don't know if I should start at a community college or at a university. I got accepted to UNCG, for Spanish... Read More

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    Ok, so if you go the community college route of course it would be cheaper. If you are worried about costs I would go to the community college. You can go to the community college and take all of your pre-reqs required for the bachelors degree and then when you have taken all of them apply to the University for the nursing program. The best advice I would give is to keep your GPA up as you're in the community college. With an awesome GPA you should have no problem getting into the Univ. of your choice.

    I think I am back on the idea of going to a university because I checked UNCG's nursing transferring courses and I noticed that many of the courses from my local community college do not transfer to the university :/ I think my best way to go would be the university and then change majors since I would just be taking extra classes at the community classes that I may not even need.

    Thank-you for bearing with me. Xoxo

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    Yes!! That's a great plan; stay there since you've already been accepted. You can change your major after the first semester right?? I would clarify with advisement...

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    I am currently a Student at UNCG 2nd semester freshmen. Just like you my SAT or ACT score was not high enough to start out as pre-nursing. So I started out as a pre-health studies major which was basically created in order to place students who do not met the pre-nursing requirements. I just recently turned in my form to change my major to pre-nursing which now requires at least 15 semester hours and a 3.0 GPA. You could easily change your major to pre- heath when you start if you would like, just remember all of your orientation will be based off your Spanish major if you let then know that you want to do nursing they will allow you to attend information sessions about pre-nursing at soar as well. You mentioned earlier that you were worried about them not accepting transfer students as much. I do not know that to be true but they have less then 100 spots for upper level division nursing with over 150 applying to the program. If you want to go to uncg and do nursing you will have to have at least a 3.5 gpa to get in the program. They did not accept anyone under a 3.5 gpa last year. Its a lot harder then it looks because of the course load. You will be taking 15-18 credit hours at a time. You could also take courses at a community college over the summer and then transfer them to lower the course work during the year and it would lower cost. I would take all of your science course at uncg though because they really build off each other. This is a list of all the course you are required to take and a lot of info about the program if you have not seen it before.
    I know all of that sounds scary and all but as long as you work hard you can make it in the program.
    Good luck!! and I am sorry that was so long

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