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Hi everyone, I am currently in my first semester of nursing school. Some of my prereqs were taken over the summer. Right now I am taking the following courses: Anatomy & Physiology II Organic & Biological Chemistry... Read More

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    Quote from Nursing2102
    Thanks again for all the responses!

    I realize that I could have summed up the thread in about 1 paragraph so sorry again for making it so long. I guess I was just on a rant because while I don't expect to be spoon fed what will be on every test, it just really aggravates me when I pay THOUSANDS of dollars in tuition to LEARN, only to have a nursing professor teaches absolutely NOTHING while spending the entirety of every class talking about her own personal accomplishments and her frequent trips to Paris.....

    I ended up getting an 80 on the test. I thought I failed miserably but I guess I was just worrying a lot cause it was the first test and the questions weren't remotely familiar to the text. I know I will do better on the next one though.

    In response to EP10, you are right! Specifically in Rockville Centre.
    I think it is wrong I think a lot of students that have been in the program for awhile just get used to this. I graduate next semester and I remember my shock and irritance my first semester of nursing school. It just doesnt change and you get used to it. We never ge study guides or even told what to focus on. You just kinda figure it out and it get better. Just hang in there
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    Thanks iluvpatho. I gotta get used to this since this is only my first semester!

    EP10: Cool! We might have the same professor....So you're taking clinicals now? I have to wait until the summer to take them since I still haven't taken microbio yet (taking in the spring.)

    Hopefully I will be able to get into the summer NUR209, 229 & 239 classes (they only have one class for each -209,229,239- unfortunately.) This nursing program is set up so you can only take a certain/small amount of nursing classes at once. Ugh!!!!!

    Feel free to pm me on here if you want!
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    Remember that you aren't just learning stuff because it might be on the test. You are learning this stuff because you need to know it. Stuff that will not be on the test still needs to be learned.
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    This is my first semester too. We have 6 tests in 2 months and they cover about 20+ chapters each and then a cumulative final in December (we break for clinicals, thank God)...we don't get a study guide or anything either. It's also one class that's 9 credit hours long so if you make a C in it, it brings your GPA down a lot. I guess they are trying to weed out the weaker ones but I'm hoping it gets better....or at least more adaptable.
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    Wow, and I thought my class was a lot.... good luck this semester, and yes hopefully it does get better!
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    Well, I am surely in your program too and from your description in the same class (maybe chem too). No worries though, your anonymity is safe. No idea who you are. lol

    I totally agree though. I am taking basically the same classes as you. This is my first semester and the NUR class is the hardest in my opinion even though the material itself is not. I am worried about the next test too. I did well on this one but I don't know how. I had no idea what to study. The last few classes she has continued to talk about practically nothing and showed that dumb video/slideshow. I think we are just going to have to have to work hard to pick out what seems important and try to take good notes from whatever she mentions in class - even if it seems irrelevant (like how many languages Nightingale spoke).
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    BKCherry- Yeah the best bet is mainly to focus on what she talks about in class. I am not going to go crazy with studying like I did for Exam #1 now that I know her testing methods.... just gonna focus on what I think is most important like you said.

    I just hope NUR139 isn't as pointless as this class, I'm taking that next semester.

    Good luck to us!
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