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Senior year jitters

  1. 0 In a few weeks, I start my Senior 1 semester and I am nervous! I don't feel at all prepared, or like I've forgotten half of what I have learned! LOL! I don't know if it's because I'm getting so close to the end.. School will be over, then passing the NCLEX and then eventually *being* a working RN. It's all pretty exciting and scary.

    Have any of you guys experienced this, or am I just being a worry wort? My clinicals this semester will be med/surg 2 and community health. Then next semester it will be preceptorships! *gulp* What were these rotations like for you guys? Any suggestions, tips, tricks, advice? Got some serious butterflies goin' on here. LOL
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    I dont have any advice for you, but I'm in the homestretch as well. 4 more weeks of this semester, 2 more 8 week semesters, then summer II break and then practicum in the fall- EEK!!! Its terrifying realizing that all the things you've been cramming in your head are about to be put into practice!
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    I'm a recent nursing school graduate. The feelings you are having are not uncommon I think many people worry while coming to the end of something as extensive as nursing school. I attended a 2 1/2 year BSN program and I very much valued my breaks over the summer to recooperate. Nothing is more rewarding than the realization that you are done!!

    My advice for you is if you have a summer off from school you should definitely look into an internship before you finish nursing school. It helps soldify information you obtained throughout nursing school and looks great on a resume. I completed a summer internship at the U of I Hospitals & Clinics, great experience and helped me gain the job I will be starting there next month. When your doing your preceptorship for school I advise asking lots of questions and learning as much as you can!! If you develop a good relationship with your preceptor the learning opportunities are endless.

    When it comes to preparing for NCLEX my advice is to not STRESS! Its a test (a big test none the less) but still just a test! I prepared for about 2 1/2 weeks for my NCLEX with a review course recommended by my school. I thought it was a great review and I ended up getting 75 questions on my NCLEX (minimum for an RN) and took about an hour and a half to take it! Found out two days later that I had passed!

    I hope some of this information helps! Good Luck in your final semesters of nursing school and be proud of what you accomplished!!