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Senior waiting for Final grades to Post

  1. 0 I am on pins and needles waiting for my final grades to post. I am a senior at a junior college and waiting for the decision of my life that will propel me into a nursing career (provided I pass the NCLEX). I have been going through what seems to be a lifetime of difficult class work and clinicals and this is now, the moment of truth. Just took my last final today and I'm beat but can't relax. Any suggestions on what to do to pass the time and help calm myself while I await the defining moment in my career? I am so afraid of having to repeat a course at this point. I'm afraid I will lose momentum and not go back if I fail. Any ideas or words of support is well appreciated! Happy Holidays to All!
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    Say ur prayers and watch the hobbit!! It'll make next 3 hrs go by!
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    Oh and good luck!! Everything's gonna be great ure done!!