Senior students/New Grads: Where will you be working?

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    Share your job search success stories! If you are still searching, feel free to join in and share your ideal specialty!

    I am graduating in mid May and plan to take the NCLEX by the end of May. I'll be working in a PICU in New Jersey.

    How about you??
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    I am graduating in 2 weeks. I had my first job interview yesterday, and it went good. If I am hired, I will be working on med-surg floor.
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    Tuesday is my final exam and last day. I will be graduating in two weeks. I interviewed and will be working on the Critical Care Unit starting the fourth week of May.
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    I have nooo clue yet! *waiting for callbacks* but my dream would be Trauma/ or ER. But to start, I would like Telemetry or any step down unit. (Not too hard, but not too routine either)
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    I graduate in may and was hired in the OR,...the best part is that I will get to scrub once in a while, that makes me very happy! Hopefully will get the NCLEX done as soon as possible....
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    Glad to hear there are new grads still getting hired, especially in Jersey, since that's where I am.

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