Second degree student and repeat grades

  1. I am a second degree student and I am wondering about how schools view the classes that you retake. What is the protocol for repeating prerequisite classes generally at most schools? I know in the nursing program, you can't do illegal repeats.... Is that also true for prerequsites? I am worried I am doing/have done that.I went to school in 2003 - 2007. One was statistics and I got a D in it.... It was not required for my major at the time and graduated. I am now taking it again this semester.Also chemistry.... I took as well back then. Except it was not chemistry as in nursing chemistry. This had nothing to do with experiments, atoms, chemicals, elements, labs, or any of that. It was a basic general how life functions chemistry class. Like the subsets you'd find in a chemistry book talking about how an engine works or something general like that. Or oil drills and companies. Absolutely no labs of any kind but it was 4 credits. I took lab chemistry last semester and got an A. Will schools know the difference? I got a B in the first one.I don't want to get in trouble or denied acceptance because of this.....
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  3. by   JillyPlot
    In terms of repeating classes, I wouldn't be overly concerned about getting in trouble or anything... I was accepted after failing my ethics class, but I did take the time to request a memo be put into my application stating that I missed the withdrawal deadline for it and will be taking it again this semester. Every school I looked at required that science pre-reqs were taken within 5 years so that could be a good explanation for retaking chemistry.
  4. by   classicdame
    schools know the difference in courses in the USA. Each has a course number. The number reflects the level and type of course and how many credits you can earn. Every course in every school in your state has the same rule. If you move out of state the Higher Education Coordinating Boards share information. My advice is to talk to an advisor in the nursing school to develop a degree program.