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Hi! I'm scheduled in for an interview on the 25th with Samuel Merritt College for the ABSN program, and I was wondering if anyone here has any experience interviewing for this program (or knows someone who has)... What was it... Read More

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    Nathanielandarianna, I took Patho through Yuba, this past summer with Scroggins and she was pretty good. Slow on grading, but fair. Keep up with the reading and you'll do fine. Also, if you get a used book, you'll still have to purchase an access code from the publisher, since they do the testing and run the website. I think its $30, maybe less. I'm keeping my Patho book, its a great reference.

    Overall, a very useful class. But like Pug says, taking it in summer made it hard to retain.

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    First post. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything regarding interviews for the ABSN sacramento program? I, like most of you, have been anxiously awaiting any news, whether good or bad.
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    Would anyone be able to shed light on why SMC required interviews for Oakland and Sac but not SF? Is it not the same program, merely in a different location? I'm applying for Fall 2008 in SF (only because I'd like to start in the Fall) and I'm just surprised that there is a difference in procedure. Don't get me wrong, part of me would be glad I don't have to do an interview, but on the other hand I would definitely enjoy the ability to meet them and give them a bit of an impression of my personality.
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    I also chose the SF ABSN program b/c of the start date and was surprised when there was no interview. I even went out and bought a special outfit for the occasion and was a little disapointed that they don't interview. But the BSN degree is the same regardless of the campus (right?), so I don't see why they interivew is req'd in Oak and Sac. Has anyone asked?
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    Quote from pug540
    If you don't mind me asking...did you have all of the pre-req's done before you applied? I'm freaking out a bit that I applied without having finished Micro (I'll finish in 4 weeks) or Life Span Development (taking a short class this fall). My background is in human development so I'm not too worried about that pre-req. Micro is such a major component that I'm worried it'll will lower my chances of getting in. Geez...2 more months of all this worrying!!!
    You do not need your prereqs done by application time only by the deadline for your campus.
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    Hi. I'm interested in applying to the ABSN program. For those of you who are waiting or have been you mind if I asked what your stats were? Do you know if they take in account ll your prereqs GPA vs. just the Science prereq gpa. I know they take an overall GPA of your last 60 or so units.

    In your opinion, did you find it "hard" to get into the program? In other it very competitive?

    Thank you for your help!

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