Sallie Mae and CitiAssist student loans

  1. Do any of you have any experience with Sallie Mae or Citibank's CitiAssist student loans? I read that they don't have some of the school eligibility requirements like other private loans... i.e. the loan doesn't need to be offered specifically at your school, you just need to be enrolled in a degree-seeking program. I am hoping to start nursing school at a community college in the spring and because I already have a BA, my financial aid is going to be mostly private loans (but many of the ones I've researched aren't offered at my school).

    Any info you can share on this would be great... Thanks!!
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  3. by   nicpkfloyd
    I got a Sallie Mae loan for nursing school. I already had a degree and had exhausted pretty much all of my stafford loan options. So I took out two private loans, one with Chase and one with Sallie Mae. So far I've not had any problems with Sallie Mae. They act a lot like my subsidized loans.
  4. by   twinkltoes
    I dislike Sallie Mae a lot. Went with them for the first two semester of my 2D program and they're horrible to deal with now that I'm in repayment. I went with Wells Fargo and they've been far better to deal with.