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Roaches 5C's

  1. 0 Does any body know where I can find any information on Roaches 5Cs of Caring? I can only find relly breif listings of what they are so any help at all would be good,
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    Roach, M. S. (1995). The dominant paradigm of the modern world. In A. Boykin (Ed.), Power, politics & public policy: a matter of caring (pp. 3-10). New York: National League for Nursing Press.

    <-- I found this little book at my state university's library last year. It didn't really go into her C's, but it did give some of her philosophy. I wasn't able to find anything more than that, as far as a tangible reference.

    The paper I used that reference in also has the following "caring" type theorists... feel free to look them up if you're interested... -->

    McCance, T. V., McKenna, H. P., & Boore, J. R. P. (1999). Caring: theoretical perspectives of relevance to nursing. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 30(6), 1388-1395.

    Roper, N., Logan, W., & Tierney, A. J. (2000). The Roper - Logan - Tierney model of nursing, based on activities of living. London: Churchill Livingstone.

    Smith, K. V., & Godfrey, N. S. (2002). Being a good nurse and doing the right thing: a qualitative study. Nursing Ethics 2002, 9(3), 301-312.

    Tierney, A. J. (1998). Nursing models: extant or extinct? Journal of Advanced Nursing, 28(1), 77-85.

    Watson, J. (1999). Postmodern nursing and beyond. London: Churchill Livingstone.
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    Hey weird... this posted to the wrong thread... sorry
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    the five cs of caring, compassion, competence, confidence, conscience and commitment were developed by roach (1992) in an attempt to discover what a nurse does when s/he is caring.