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  1. hi all! i have gone through my first interview process for a job as an RN and would like to share it with you. some of the questions i was asked were:-tell me about yourself-why do you want to work at this facility? (knowing the mission statement and hospital's awards helps!)-describe a time you faced conflict and how you dealt with it-how do you work/like working with others?-rate your nursing skills on a scale of 1-10-what do you do before administering a medication? (2 forms of pt id)-what is your weakness?-how would you handle a situation where a patient/visitor grew rowdy?-where do you see yourself in five years?-how long do you think you will stay on this floor/unit?of course every interview is different but hopefully this can provide insight to those who dont know what to expect. the way i personally prepped for my interview was getting an idea of what questions may be asked through threads such as this. i quickly thought of a general answer i could apply to certain questions and moved on. i actually felt having not rehearsed anything helped me come off as less nervous and genuine.good luck to all! i know the job search is tough but dont give up. also, dont be shy to reach out to any resources. youd be surprised at whos willing to help!
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