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Residency program... advice needed

  1. 0 Hi, I'm a 1st year nursing student in a ADN program. I have plans to finish with the BSN program immediately upon graduation (money constraints made me do it this way... ) I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to work at the University of Wisconsin Hospitals after my BSN. They hire new grads through a residency program. The requirements only state licensure in WI, and graduation from a BSN in the 6 months prior to the application. No mention of GPA or anything. I would like to know what things you all think I can start doing now to help put me a foot above the rest of the potential applicants. It is a 1x shot and I want to be as prepared as possible to be able to land a position! Thanks for any and all help! (P.s. 1st semester I ended up with 3.57 GPA. Not as good as I wanted, but definitely better than most of the other students in the program...)