Reccomened area to do 4th year Consolidation/Placement

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    I am currently wrapping up my 3rd year of a BscN in Ontario Canada. I am sure this a re occuring questions but I am torn. I know it has been recommended to take Medicine or Surgery so that I am able to utilize all the skills I have learned from year one, and be exposed to many different disease processes. I would not mind doing surgical nursing, but I know I have had a desire to work with New borns in Post labour and delivery for a long time.

    I am afraid that If i choose Labour and Delivery or NICU I will not be able to use many of the skills that are used in surgical or medicine nursing, and that if in the future I would like to switch to med/surg I will have a problem because all my experience has been we newborns and women's health. Any suggestions will be appreiciated.

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