1. Getting ready to sign up for our preceptorship, and I have NO idea what to try for. In our clinical rotations I really LOVED transition nursery(they may have different wording for this at different hospitals)/NICU but I also think it would benefit me to gain some more "general" type experience. I also enjoyed working in the ER, but I don't feel like I'm quick on my feet or even very comfortable yet in that setting. The ER would be a good way to gain a ton of different kinds of experience. I am the type of person that needs to do things over and over again to gain comfort and confidence and I'm hoping that my preceptorship will supply this. Any thoughts ideas? What are you all planning on doing for this?
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  3. by   ashh_Roxxxane
    I am graduating sat. I jus finished my preceptorship 2 weeks ago and I totally understand your dilemma...however I chose med/surg. Now I do not DO NOT like med surg at all!!! I want to go into community or psych nursing...however I chose med/surg because we had to pass a ATI exit exam (nclex predictor) last fri and I didnt want to loose any of my med surg knowledge. Nonetheless, none of the people who failed were on med surg floors. I have heard tho that you should go area you want to work I would base my decision on my current knowledge base confidence. I chose med surg also because I was not confident in that area at all and now I am. Good luck to you