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    Here are some videos I found on youtube. They are VERY basic. They are from a lower level general pharmacology course in a community college in Hawaii.
    I like the videos a LOT, but let's just say the instructor is very laid back and understands that his students are just starting and only have one bio course under their belts.
    There are also chest tube and heart sound videos.

    Here is the youtube homepage.
    General Pharmacology - PHRM203 - Youtube Home

    Here are the individual videos

    General Pharmacology - PHRM203 - Videos

    1.1 Biochemistry

    1.2 Cellular Physiology

    1.3 Basic Pharmacology Principles 1

    1.4 Basic Pharmacology Principles 2

    1.5 Basic Pharmacology Principles 3

    1.6 Basic Pharm Math Videos

    1.6a Metric System

    1.6b Burger Math

    1.6c Roman Numerals

    Math Review 1

    Math Review 2

    Math Review 3

    Math Review 4
    2.1 Neurotransmission

    2.2 Autonomic Pharmacology

    2.3 Hypertension Videos

    2.3a Hypertension

    2.3b Glaucoma

    Review Autonomic Forums
    2.4 Diuretics and Lipids

    2.5 CHF Angina and Anticoagulants

    2.6 Cardiac Rhythm

    3.1 CNS Pharmacology 1

    3.2 CNS 2

    3.3 Histamine Serotonin and the Ergots - Histamine 5HT Ergots

    3.4 Gastrointestinal Pharm

    4.1 Endocrinology 1

    4.2 Endocrinology 2

    4.3 Immunology

    4.4 HIV and AIDS - 4 4 HIV AIDS

    5.1 Antimicrobial Agents 1

    5.2 Antimicrobial Agents 2

    5.3 Cancer and Chemotherapy 1

    5.4 Cancer and Chemotherapy 2

    6.1 Intensive Review 1

    6.2 Drug Review
    Chest Tubes Videos

    Chest Tubes Part 1.mp4

    Chest Tubes Part 2.mp4

    Chest Tubes Part 3.mp4

    Chest Tubes Part 4.mp4

    Chest Tubes Part 5.mp4
    Heart Sounds Videos

    Animated Normal S1 S2

    Animated Aortic Stenosis Murmur

    Animated Aortic Regurgitation Murmur

    Animated S3 Ventricular Gallop

    Animated S4 Atrial Gallop

    Animated Mitral Stenosis Murmur

    Animated Mitral Regurgitation Murmur

    Animated Mechanical Aortic Valve
    Paramedic Pharm 1
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