Passed 1st semester of NS, Bittersweet

  1. Hey guys,

    Can't believe I passed my first semester of NS. I studied so hard but still was failing the tests, ended up passing the class with exactly a C I had no wiggle room AT ALL this has happen for 2 of the 4 classes this semester. I know it's passing but just the anxiety of having to get a certain grade on the final to pass is not a good feeling at all an I know it's only going to get worst. But the reason it's bittersweet is because me and my sis in law started together and she didn't pass. So it was hard telling her I did....kind of feels like survivors guilt. She has a Bachelors already in something else, and she seemed like she really didn't care to much before going into the final, but after she got short with me when we were talking, like I could tell it bothered her. I feel bad.
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