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  1. Hi! I currently work at a bar as a waitress and next semester I will have class 5 days a week instead of 3 and working at place that's open till 2 am just isn't going to work. Does anyone have any good part time job recommendations? Do you guys currently both work and do school?
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  3. by   katyq82
    I do work and go to school... As far as a new job I think it depends what experience you have, what your school schedule is (clinicals, days/nights, etc) and how much money you need to make. A lot of people try to work as a CNA or tech in a healthcare setting during school to get that experience. Unfortunately you might make a lot less than as a waitress. Can you look for a new waitressing job at a restaurant with different hours? Maybe more of a family dining place that only serves until 9 or 10 PM? Or tell your current employer that you can work during the dinner rush but need to be off by a certain time if you think that would be an option.
  4. by   RNonymous
    I've been working and going to school, sometimes 30+ hours a week, but that is also because my supervisors worked with my class hours. One thing to consider is training time - on top of having new classes and assignments, can you take on also learning a new job?

    The job experience of working in the healthcare field while going to school has been really great for me, especially if it's in a field that you enjoy and is challenging. However, you know how much you can handle!