Options for RN jobs and motherhood?

  1. Okay, so I'm about halfway through nursing school (graduation is set for Dec 2011), and my fiance and I are discussing what our options are for my career when we choose to have kids.

    Ideally, I will be able to work full-time until I'm eligible for maternity leave, take the leave, then return to work part-time afterward. What are the logistics of working part-time as an RN? Are there areas of nursing that have more part-time options (for example, are there more part-time options in home care than in hospitals?), and how relevant is years of experience in finding a part-time job? Also, is hourly pay any less for part-time RNs? And are shifts still generally 12hrs?

    Thanks to anyone who has input!
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  3. by   KatieJ91
    I'll be interested to read the replies. My husband and I are also trying to figure out when would be best for us to start a family. I know we are going to wait until after nursing school (2.5 years from now) and then I am planning on working for a year or two to get some experience. I am hoping I can take maternity leave and then return part time as well!