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    Hi everyone! I'm an LPN in Iowa with just over a years experience. I'm currently in an RN program, but my life is changing and I may not be finishing it. I've been looking for any online LPN to RN or BSN programs that I can get into... Is anyone doing one of these programs or have any information on it??? Just trying to find out if there's a certain school I should or shouldn't be looking at, or if an online program isn't the way to go... My only other option would be transferring to a 4 year college that won't accept any of my general courses OR my LPN, and I would have to literally start over from scratch... Thanks for any and all input!!!!

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    Call around. We have several BSN programs and one ADN doing LVN-RN bridge. You still have to do clinicals so it will not totally be online, but the course work can be.
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    I've spoken to someone regarding Indiana State University and their online LPN-BSN program. I understand I will have to do work with preceptors and do the rest online. I'm not really able to find anything as far as a review on their programs or anything... I'll keep looking to see what all of my options are!

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