Nursing students from Trinidad and Tobago

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    Are there any nursing students from the Caribbean on this site? Trinidad and Tobago to be more specific
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    Yep yep lol
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    Oh wait, I don't live in Trinidad anymore, if that's what you were looking for
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    lmao... Not a problem.... You're still a trinbagonian
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    Lol oh ok...yes ah proud Trini at that
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    Did you study abroad or down here?
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    I been in the US most of my life...only did a year in primary school in is in Trini now?
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    Yea. I'm still down here. Did you graduate already?
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    Oh ok, no, I start nursing school Jan 9...I'm currently a nursing assistant...
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    ohhhh iight kool. Congrats btw ... School reopens on the January 9 for me as well. Got my last two exams for the semester tomorrow