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    This is interesting to me. I'm a student and I can tell which nurses like us, which don't, and which don't but are pretending to. I just make sure I do absolutely everything I know to do, keep the nurse informed on anything I do with my (their) patient, offer to help with everything, and just basically try to learn whatever I can while trying to use all the info I already have... if that makes sense. Our school has an annual award where we can nominate fabulous nurses we've had in clinical - the nurses who take the time to walk us through a procedure we're unsure about, the nurses who tell us they remember what being a student was like, the nurses who go out of their way to make sure they use just the right amount of supervision (combined with our clinical instructor, of course) but let us do our "jobs" without underestimating us. There's more of those nurses out there than you'd think, and most of us are so, so grateful and learn more from you than you'll ever know. Thank you.
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    I did clinicals at a larger hospital in TN. I have to say the nurses were great. I first established a relationship with them and let them know that I was serious about getting procedures in my clinicals and they kept me busy. I was able to cover every skill and I loved it! Unfortunately, some students do not get this experience (some of my classmates didn't) but the nurse would even look for me to do skills. Go to clinicals with a positive attitude and a learning attitude and it will be fine usually.
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    I actually look forward to students on the unit. I think it helps to remember when I was the student--so nervous. I volunteer to be a preceptor for new employees because I really want them to love it as much as I do.

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