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    AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!!

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    Yes, it was one of the best days of my life.
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    I just found out about my acceptance into an RN program after 2 previous denials. I was not expecting to get in. I recently got into an LPN program so I was getting ready for that. When I got home Friday I saw a big envelope from my school and had no idea what it was because getting in was the farthest thing from my mind. I opened it up and started jumping up down yelling at my boyfriend (who was on the phone with a friend) that I got in. I was almost hypervenitilating. It still seems unreal.
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    Upon getting my acceptance letter out of the mail, it was one of the happiest days of my life. I read the letter about 5 or 6 times and jumped for joy. Finally I was one step closer to my dream
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    I can't say I was excited--I knew I was getting in, it was the when that was uncertain.

    The feeling when I got the acceptance letter was relief due to the fact that I finally could get the show on the road.
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    I found out YESTERDAY afternoon as i pulled out of my job's parking garage when my adviser called me. When i saw her name come up on my phone...i immediately put Usher on pause and answered with a shaky voice (trying to sound professional lol). When she told me i had gotten surprised i didnt crash my car! I was so excited but there was only so much i can do from behind the stearing wheel...but tears came to my eyes as i called my mom...then got home and hugged my bf and my beagle, Dakota...then i called everybody else!! I am STILL ON CLOUD 9!!!! Been on since i got home today...i cannot contain this excitement!! I cant wait to start in september!!! Congrats to everyone preparing to start this amazing journey!!
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    Congrats to YOU Sweetheart!!!
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    I read my acceptance calmly amongst the people i was around but when i left their presence I immediately started to dance to my favourite chris brown Song- Forever and some others,....It was great.
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    I had a rather good feeling that I was getting in. I had taken a pre-health science program which allows those who graduated from it to have a very good chance at being accepted into the BScN program as long as they kept a certain average. Once I got the letter in the mail I punched the air then told my parents.

    My acceptance letter was very generic, so I didn't get excited by reading it, "Hi Andrew, congrats on choosing <College>, you have been accepted."

    I start start the BScN program September 5th and I can't wait for the journey to begin.
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    I remember my admissions advidsor called me to tell me the news and I literally started screaming like I won the lottery. He was hyping me up too!

    Him: ARE YOU READY?!
    Me: I'M SO READY!
    Him: YEAH!
    Me: YEAH!

    No lie, that was literally how our "conversation" went. It reminded me of that scene in Mulan where Mushu tells her to show her gameface.
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