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  1. 0 Hello everyone - I am new here have just been checking out the threads! (haha) anyway I am a nursing student here in Jersey and will be greatful for any help I can get. i need an interview with an upper class nursing major. I just need (boy i am needy aren't I) someone's perspective on nursing and the profession. It is for a paper. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:spin:
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    what do you mean ? - like grad-LPN-RN?
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    Hi Jill
    I graduated in May, and I'm going back to school in Jan. to start working towards my masters. I'd be happy to talk to you about school and what it's like after you graduate. The "real world" is very different from school.
    Good luck
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    thank you so much. what i am asking is how do you perceive nursing? Do you see it as just a job opportunity or so you see it as more? How do you feel about the education? Is it enough, too much, or just right? What classes are YOU required to take?How about time constraints, do you have enough time for study? Do you work while going to school? I appreciate any help you can give me and again THANK YOU!!