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In my nursing lab we have an instructor who does not teach us details (such as giving us different scenarios) on handling patients. She's impatient and is not very professional by the verbal and... Read More

  1. by   sunflower350
    I think you have to let them know your recording!
  2. by   jjnmrsmom
    The harsh reality is nursing instructors are hard to come by so the schools will usually protect the instructor. While there is a despirate need for teachers students come a dime a dozen so the odds are stacked against us. I learned that through personal experience. Some of my fellow students considered hiring lawyers when the dean didn't take their complaints about an instructor seriously.

    There is a lesson in every experience if you look hard enough. I am much more sensitive to the feelings of others and I look forward to setting a better example.
  3. by   jenawade25
    I was in a similar situation with my clinical instructor for med surg. Every week at clinical it was always something I didn't do right. One day she told me to "leave her clinical and don't come back until further notice". Our classes are set up that each course has a lead instructor that a student can go to when they have problems. I went to the lead instructor and told her about the situation with this clinical instructor. The lead instructor told me she was going to talk with the CI and that I should return to clinical the next week. When I arrived at the clinical site the instructor told me that I needed to leave (again). She claimed she didn't get the message the lead instructor sent her.

    The lead instructor told me once again to return to clinical the next week. She started investigating the situation after I told her how this clinical instructor belittled me every chance she got. It wasn't just me that thought so because the other students in the clinical even saw how she was treating me. The dean of the program actually got a call from the unit manager of the unit our clinical was on and she even told them how unprofessional this instructor was. To make a long story short the day I went back to clinical (again) the CI gave me this speech about things I need to change (this speech took about an hour). I also had a chance to talk about some of the problems I had with her. I think we both were dealing with each other at that point because it was only 2 weeks left in the semester. Despite all the drama I passed the class.
  4. by   merrymmary
    I think 80% of instructors are nasty to be around. Can't figure out what made these people want to be nurses in the first place. I like the idea of students backing this student and seeing if the instructor gets it. If not, go through the chain of command. The dean got an instructor to back off of a foreign student. The instructor was as sweet as pie after a student went the dean about the student being picked on.
  5. by   merrywhiterose
    I had a similar clinical instructor. She singled me out to call "dumb"! She preferred to teach one or two young white females, and made everyone else do paperwork. Some "teacher"!
  6. by   latebloomer74
    I was in a similiar situation with the skills exam. I was doing trach care and the instructor kept criticizing every move I made. It was hard to concentrate on the task at hand. I'm sure she was trying to help but maybe she should have left her avalanche of critism until the end. I think that would have been more constructive.
    OP, that is just unfair and UNPROFFESIONAL of your instructor to single out this student. Sometimes I wonder where they find these instructors......
  7. by   Intern67
    I don't suggest you do this, but if I was in the situation you described I would consider setting up a video camera/and or audio recordings to catch the behavior - preferably many instances. Many regular digital cameras today have video recording options and everybody and their sister has a voice recorder at school.

    If the behavior was reported and the instructor denied it, a CD with the recordings sent anonymously to the dean might solve the problem.