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    Just realized my post is very similar to the one by TheCommuter - ah well! Also, the analogy would have been more apt if I had used Dr. Pepper instead of Coke. Well, you know what I mean...

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    As a bedside nurse, I spend a good chunk of time fetching foods, snacks and beverages for patients and families. I'm constantly obtaining coffee, ice water, tea, soda, crackers, peanut butter, late meal trays, ice cream cups, pudding, and other foods/drinks.

    I'm glad I work the night shift so I do not have to deal with the food complaints. The day shift nurses pass meal trays for breakfast, lunch and supper, and they receive an earful regarding how terrible the food was. Patients also comment on the bad food on customer satisfaction surveys, as if they really expected world-class food in the hospital setting.
    Nursing feels so much like waitressing sometimes for the very reason commuter stated. Before I finished reading the cartoon I thought the tag line was going to be something like "I'm sorry sir, but we don't accept tips at the hospital."
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    What bothers me about this cartoon (and there's definitely some truth to the cartoon) is the mentality of "I'll go to nursing school, because its better than being a waitress". Yes, it IS. But, why do you want to be a nurse? I get why you don't want to be a waitress. If future nurses think they will be above the petty work and not on the receiving end of disrespect and emotionally charged customers, they are mistaken. And it's not just about the food. Waiting to be seen in the ED, waiting for a bed on the floor, waiting for tests, results, meds, OR to call, discharge papers to be written, etc. waiting to be bathed/changed by nurses, CNAs and students who are dodging the task because its above them.

    Seriously, waging tables is a great start. I'm not saying its easy (I've never done it), but if someone doesn't like the customer service aspect of that, good luck enjoying nursing!
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