Nurses, Stress -- need references

  1. I have to write a 10 page research paper and I chose Stress.

    I would like to write it about the stress that today's nurses face. One section has to be personal, so have done that part about my nursing student stress (hah, that was the easy part!). I have done the research on general stress (not so hard).

    I have read so much from all of you on the board and I was hoping someone could direct me to actual, quotable research paper type facts about nurses and their stress.... Any links would be mucho appreciated!

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    No one answered this the first time, so I am bringing this up to the top again with this post, copied from another thread:



    I am a 1st semester ADN student. My nursing science course requires a research paper which incorporates an area that has to deal with the nursing aspect of the topic. This paper will be 3 sections, one on research (I have done that) one on personal experience (I have done that part too). What I am looking for in the third section is the opinion of experienced nurses on how stress affects them in their jobs. I have read many posts here, but was wondering if anyone would like to be paraphrased for my paper on stress and how you feel it has affected your nursing practice. Any insight you could give would be most appreciated.
    Thank you!

    As a side note, I noticed a thread on a study being done on just this topic, but unfortunatly the study is in progress so I will not be able to use its results. So, I thought some of you who are really out there working could offer some insight. If not, I am a great BS'er and can do it just from my observations of the stress you all vent here without any paraphrasing at all.... I just thought it would be nice to ask you all first!

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