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  1. [font="arial"][font="comic sans ms"]hi everyone!!! i am a long time browser of this site but first time poster. i need a little help. i am currently pursuing my bachelors degree in nursing and i have an assingment to write a paper based off an interview with a nurse manager. if there are any nurse managers who are willing to answer a few questions they would be greatly appreciated! i tried to get with my manager but with our high census right now it has been hard to find a time that would work for both of us . the questions are as follows:

    1. what is your age, posistion, educational and work experience to get to where you are, and type of facility of employment

    2. what are your strengths and weaknesses and how does this influence your role of being a professional manager

    3. what are changes you would like to see pertaining to the managerial field and how can you accomplish this change

    i really appreciate any responses and thanks once again!!!! :d

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