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nonparenteral v. enteral

  1. 0 From my text, parenteral is a route "other than alimentary canal" (e.g. intraosseus, intravenous, intra-arterial, intramuscular, mucosal), nonparenteral consists of oral and inhalation, and enteral is gastric feeding tube, oral, or rectal. I'm confused as to the relationship of "nonparenteral" and "enteral". Is one a subset of the other or what? If parenteral is non enteral, then isn't nonparenteral non non enteral which would be the same as enteral?
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    Nonparenteral is oral meds (pills, capsules, syrups, etc.), topical meds (ointments, patches like nitro), suppositories (vaginal and rectal), etc.
    Pareneteral is anything injected into the body: intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular, intracardiac, and intravennous, etc. This includes parenteral nutrition.
    Enteral is anything placed directly into the digestive tract: NG-tube, J-tube, PEG tube.

    Hope this helped
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    Thank you Miss Julie! I was very confused and you clarified the definitions of each very well!