nlnac accreditation confusion.....

  1. I transferred to a community college from a private school (I couldn't afford the tuition). The school I transferred to is being reviewed by the nlnac for accreditation (we will hear their decision in 2 weeks). My question is, if they do become accredited, will that cover my class as well (we are in out first semester of clinicals) since they would become accredited before we graduate or not because we started the program before they were accredited. If not, if I attend a rn to bsn program from an nlnac accredited school will that make my license accredited since my highest level of education will be from an nlnac accredited school?
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  3. by   NurseGuyBri
    I am not an expert, but if I understand correctly, here's how it goes:If the school is under review for NLNAC Accreditation and they achieve it, they most likely have current PROVISIONAL status. This would include your class. I do not think you have anything to be concerned with unless they get denied accreditation. For a sure answer, you should be able to contact your BON by website or email. Good luck!
  4. by   lacief
    Ok! Thanks bunches!!! : )