New nursing student/ part time program. Anyone else a part timer?

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    I just got my letter of acceptance into our local nursing program! I start Spring 2013. I have been patiently completing all of my pre-reqs for two years...I chose a part time program because it allows me to have more time for the family. It seems to work better for me anyways. I will be attending class/lab/clinicals 3 days a week, year round, for two years. I will graduate at the same time as the full time students entering in Spring 2013. The difference is that I will only be taking 7 credits a semester, including summers. In two weeks I will start Microbiology (one pre req they let me finish after acceptance), pharmacology, and Intro to nursing. I must say that I am quite nervour about taking pharmacology and micro together. Hopefully my background will help me out there.
    Is there anyone else enrolled in a part-time program? i would love to hear from you and what your plans are to get through it!!!
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    I started my part time clinicals in January 2011 - this is after I have been doing pre reqs since 2008! I have class 1 night a week and clinical one night a week! It's great (the workload is hard) but I'm sure not as hard as a full time program! I only have 3 semesters left and I can't wait:-)