New LPN & RN Programs in the Tri-State area

  1. There are 2 brand new Nursing Programs that are starting in the Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky area. Does anyone know anything about the LPN Program just started at Southwestern College (now the Lincoln College of Technology) in Florence Kentucky or the RN (ADN) Program at ITT Tech in Cincinnati, Ohio?
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  3. by   ejacobs08
    I would like to know of the new lpn and rn programs starting in ohio, how did you find out about this?
    I saw a commercial for the LPN at Southwestern (Lincoln) and the RN at ITT in Blue Ash, Beckfield College in Tri-county has an LPN commercial running as well - I guess I watch too much TV. I am curious about thses programs because they are new and have no track record as far as Licensure pass rates after graduation, cost, schedules etc.
    $57,000.00 for the Associate's Degree RN Program at ITT in Cincinnati Ohio!
    And it's a new Program there so there are no NCLEX pass rates to report!
    I used to think that the College of Mount St. Joseph was expensive!
  6. by   KaylaRN2013
    I go to ITT Tech in is expensive, but worth it. Of course there are no NCLEX to report, like you said, it's new I am getting ready to start my 3rd quarter and I have already learned so much. It's a great program!