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School is ending for some ... but for many studying is still part of their day. Any tips you can share for memory? What food is good for the brain / memory? How about those energy drinks? Do they work? Click Like... Read More

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    Quote from Purple_Scrubs
    I think the difference is that the low carb has glucose and not just the artificial sweeteners, but I am not sure. I've heard of that sodastream...will have to look into that. Thanks!
    Yeah when I grew up in NZ everyone had one. They had at one stage official "Fanta" flavors. I was so happy when they finally released them here. I do love mine I love being able to add extra bubbles.

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    I wish I would have thought to put an energy drink or iced coffee in those portable backpacks that some people use for water while hiking. It would have been the perfect way to ensure I always had that boost close at hand during lectures, clinicals, study sessions...

    Perhaps I should patent this idea.
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    I Live off of energy drinks when school is in session. Zero calorie rock stars or monsters became my drink of choice this past spring until my stomach started cramping whenever I drank it. Strong coffee has been my mainstay for years - not a frapaccino type drink tho, those have too much sugar and cream which I think blocks the caffeine. Mcdonalds has great coffee btw! I use green tea with macha powder. I've chewed whole coffee beans, as well.For me, transitioning to a mostly vegan diet the last few months has reduced my feelings of fatigue, I have a lot more stamina when I avoid animal products. Coffee has hardly an effect on me anymore. 100 percent fruit juice is good for energy. So is chai tea or regular black tea. Eating almost anything (vegan) gives me energy as well.Yoga also helps me to wake up.
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    Fish, nuts, chewing gum, hard candy, complex carbs, lots of water. Don't forget to take breaks and sleep. I don't like energy drinks.
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    I'll admit there were times when I was studying the night before an exam and had to use energy drinks! I refuse to drink them anymore haha.

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